FAQ Schema Generator

FAQ Schema Generator

FAQ Schema Generator


in this page faq generator. if we have website we need to faq page because in the world people need to know some Questions with answer. 

some time some people don't find what Questions on this topic. so if we make faq page then easy to find Questions and answer.


what is faq page :

faq means Frequently Asked Questions. do you know the human bran always want to new something. and them will want to like game. if you have faq page so people whene see the questions. after then he want to know the Questions answer also.


how to use faq generators :

verry simpole to use faq generator. you check our faq generator you get there two box one is for Questions and answer box. when you pit in your Questions fast box and answer second box. after you check your not robots then click generat button. after then our tool create a faq code for you. just copy this code and in put you website in html. if you want to generat faq more then one so you click add more before generat code.




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