Word Counter

Word Counter

word count character count: in this article im going to talk you what is word counter and character counter. every paragraph  have a word. so if you want to know how many word in your article. so how you can know you much need to counting right. if you count word that mean you lose your time. because now is 2024. 2024 best online word counter tools available. so you can use online free word counter tool. and just few second you know the correct result. you can find how many words, characters, paragraph in your articles. It is also known as sentence counter.


tooler79 word counter : tooler79 make a word counter tool for the user. for toole79 word counter can count very smoothly all paragraph articles word. not only word event word counter tool count your cracter, paragraph and word. check our word counter in this page top.


how to use word counter tool:

very easy to use this tool. you can see the taxt box in top. just past or type your paragraph. and ckick the count button. after you click count button i know you get a good result. check in the word text top is your word result.


very simple to use word counter tool. i hope you stay with us long time and support always.



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